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OpenNumismat is a handy and reliable application aimed at coin collectors, numismatists or amateurs looking to create a numismatics collection.

With OpenNumismat, you will be able to organize and manage coin collection: create an advanced catalogue of your coins, wish and selling lists, view statistics for your collection.

Main features

  • More than 70 customizable fields to describe the coin:
    • Features
    • State of a coin
    • Emission details
    • Buy, sell, pass on auction information
    • Prices and catalog numbers
  • Up to 8 photos of a coin (insert image from file, clipboard, download from the Web at URL)
  • The grouping, filters and sorting to facilitate the retrieval of coins in the catalog
  • Generate and print reports, saving as HTML, PDF, MS Word
  • Export customized lists as MS Excel, HTML and CSV
  • Duplication of coins to quickly add a similar coin
  • Batch edit coins
  • Statistics
  • Ability to add and customize the lists to display the required data
  • Does not require additional software to work with a database
  • Importing existing collections from:
    • Excel (with images presented as links in source file)
    • CoinsCollector 2.6
    • Numizmat 2.1 (required Firebird 2.0)
    • Cabinet (from a export format)
    • CoinManage 2011, 2013, 2015 (required Visual FoxPro ODBC Driver, Microsoft Access Database Engine, Microsoft Access or any other software with ODBC Microsoft Access Driver)
    • Collection Studio 3.65 (from a export format XML Table)
    • Numizmatik_Ru
    • uCoin.net
    • Tellico
  • Support languages: English, Russian, German, French, Ukrainian, Spanish, Hungarian, Portuguese, Greek, Czech, Italian, Catalan, Dutch, Bulgarian, Latvian
  • Cross-platform: Windows, Linux, MacOS and Android. Online viewer for any browser, including mobile (iPhone, Android)
  • Detailed user manual
  • Suitable for other collectibles, like stamps, banknotes, postcards, badges


The latest version: OpenNumismat 1.7.7. Release date: 06 November 2018

Download OpenNumismat 1.7.7 for Windows

Download OpenNumismat 1.7.7 for Debian/Ubuntu

Download OpenNumismat 1.7.7 for Mac OS X 10.8 and later (without Statistics)

Older Releases...

History of changes

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.7.7 (06 November 2018)

  • Fix importing from Excel
  • New postcard template
  • Select template from menu
  • Improve copying images
  • Updated MacOS icon
  • Custom templates can be placed in Documents folder

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.7.6 (09 October 2018)

  • Fix synchronizing
  • Fix generating wikipedia_2 report

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.7.5 (28 September 2018)

  • Add Bidding status
  • Improve Status field view in Information panel
  • Add progress chart for Created date field
  • Fix saving HTML report
  • Add RichText format for text fields
  • Fix Import from Excel dialog
  • Minor speedup for new created collections
  • Update Russian auctions

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.7.4 (17 September 2018)

  • Fix importing date fields from Excel
  • Add support for BC years


More screenshots and videos

How can I help?

  • Use OpenNumismat and recommend it to your friends.
  • Report a founded errors and new features that will make OpenNumismat better.
  • Translate OpenNumismat and documentation to your own language with Transifex.
  • If you own the exclusive rights to the catalogues, photographs or other numismatic content that can be included in the application data, please, contact the author.
  • With any questions and suggestions you can contact the author: opennumismat@gmail.com

If you want to thank the author - just send a postcard with typical views of your city or country to:

Ignatov Vitaly Ilich
Do vostrebovaniya
Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA


OpenNumismat is a:

OpenNumismat based on PyQt framework with SQLite database engine to store data collection.

Icons used in UI based on LED Icon Set v1.0, Soft Scraps Icons by deleket and Flag icons.

All images and descriptions of coins in demo collections from the Official website of the European Commission, The Central Bank of the Russian Federation website, United States Mint's public information Website and Wikipedia.