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Historique des modifications OpenNumismat

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.8.15 (11 May 2022)

  • Search and import coin info from ANS collections database
  • Importing from Numista uses API v3
  • Hide unused details pages
  • Free format numeric fields settings is enabling entering any values in Year field
  • Fix converting Japan and Nepal year to Gregorian
  • Fix export to mobile for HDPI density in x64 version
  • Improve labels alignment in coin details forms
  • Add Status icons for select default Status in Settings dialog

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.8.14 (20 April 2022)

  • Year calculator for Year on coin field (Hebrew, Islamic, Japan, Roman, Nepal, Thai, Burmese, Hijri)
  • Fix converting empty fineness while importing from Colnect
  • Cashing images while importing from Colnect
  • Available enter fractions in Value field (1/24, 1/16, 1/12, 1/10, 1/8, 1/6, 1/5, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4)
  • Expanded supported fractions converting in Value field (⅒, ⅛, ⅙, ⅕, ⅔, 7½, 12½)
  • Free format numeric fields settings is enabling entering any values in Value field
  • Enable BC settings has a higher priority than Free format numeric fields for Year filed
  • Fixed processing non float weight value in Summary dialog

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.8.13 (28 December 2021)

  • Fixed detecting right and bottom autocrop borders
  • Autocrop action available from image editor menu
  • Fixed path for creating default files and folders on first start on Linux and macOS or when deleted
  • Fixed displaying application name in Windows Task Manager
  • Removed duplicate sub-menu List->Change view. Available from menu View
  • Disabled context menu and link clicking on report preview for win64 version
  • Disabled context menu on map widgets for win64 version
  • Removed importing from Cabinet

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.8.12 (15 December 2021)

  • New map types: Mapbox (available only for win64 version) and Roman Empire (DARE)
  • Undo/redo works for pasted image in image editor
  • Autocrop tool for removing borders in image editor
  • Import coin thickness and fineness from Colnect
  • Import philatelic products from Colnect
  • Import stamp color from Colnect
  • New templates: holders, Commemoratives_ByCountry, Commemoratives_ByYear
  • Buttons Today and Clean on calendar widget
  • Summary dialog show silver and gold coins count and metal weight
  • Localized show of prices in Summary dialog
  • Importing from Numista uses new API. Disabled checking SSL certificate
  • Unrecognized formatted dates are ignored when importing from Excel
  • Added View menu
  • Prevent hiding toolbar by right-click menu
  • Updated importing from CoinManage
  • Export data to JSON format
  • Updated default references
  • Fixed display of the application icon in Ubuntu
  • Updated third-party libraries, compatible with newest Python 3.10

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.8.11 (12 October 2021)

  • Checking SSL certificate for image downloading always disabled
  • Save current sort order as default order from toolbar. Removed Store column sorting settings
  • Summary dialog show info also for all shows (filtered) coins
  • Report is generated for all shows (filtered) coins
  • Icons from reference always shown
  • Improve image cropping with perspective transformation
  • Undo/redo for actions in image editor
  • Improve image viewer zooming
  • Improve image context menu
  • Settings for font size
  • Improve postcard template
  • Fix importing from Telico

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.8.10 (22 September 2021)

  • Colnect proxy-server now hosted on Amazon Web Services
  • New status Duplicate
  • New fields: Grader, Seat, Year on coin, Photo 5 and Photo 6. Fields Grader and Storage have a reference
  • Improve saving .doc report
  • Improve saving current list

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.8.9 (01 February 2021)

  • Fixed report preview in x64 Windows version
  • Fixed Debian package
  • Add timeouts for all HTTP requests
  • Fixed storing last crop tool

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.8.8 (05 October 2020)

  • Built-in image editor
  • Fix loosing focus on selected coin
  • Clicking marker on global map will select coin
  • Status markers on global map
  • Fix import from Numista
  • Fix i18n for Linux

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.8.7 (28 August 2020)

  • Add import from Numista
  • Bulk add items from Colnect
  • Fix importing from Colnect
  • Fix importing from uCoin.net
  • Update code for support freshly third-party library dependencies

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.8.6 (02 June 2020)

  • Fix importing from Colnect
  • Fix GeoChart in Statistics
  • Fix creating new coin after editing another
  • Fix Linux launch
  • Fix GMaps

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.8.5 (16 March 2020)

  • Make a portable version for Windows
  • Fix removing entries after moving position
  • Field settings like a tree
  • Fix saving table as CSV
  • Fix Ctrl+Home, Ctrl+End navigation

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.8.4 (11 February 2020)

  • Improve processing Colnect errors
  • Improve performance for inserting images
  • Improve switching views menu

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.8.3 (21 October 2019)

  • Importing from Colnect works through a proxy server (old version will be disabled)
  • Import from Colnect CSV export lists (thanks to fftmp)
  • Fix sorting Tree
  • Show tooltip in Tree when label truncated

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.8.2 (28 May 2019)

  • Fix problem with icon/card views on Linux and Mac OS X
  • Fix images at bottom
  • Fix sorting when missed Status value

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.8.1 (29 April 2019)

  • Maps
  • New fields: Emitent, Signature, Signature type, Signature image, Address, Latitude, Longitude
  • Download big images for Colnect items
  • Add Distribution filter for import from Colnect
  • Split catalog numbers from Colnect
  • Add URL when import form Colnect
  • Improve sorting by Statuses
  • Preview image size can be changed in 1-3 range
  • Store last 7 opened files
  • Add settings for skip verifying SSL certificates
  • Load images from WebP and JPEG 2000 formats

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.8.0 (01 April 2019)

  • Import coin, banknote, stamp info from Colnect, an online collectors community
  • Added Card view
  • Added custom sort order
  • Removed importing from CoinsCollector, Numizmat and Numizmatik_Ru
  • Added Swedish and Persian

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.7.9 (05 March 2019)

  • Add filtering from Table context menu
  • Fixed hiding Info panel
  • Fixed Summary dialog
  • Fixed Debian package

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.7.8 (29 January 2019)

  • Add processing for file:/// links in text fields
  • Add key navigation on Table (Ctrl+Home, Ctrl+End)
  • Add Turkish
  • Add new summary (commission, count images, average per item)
  • Fixed possible wrong sorting Tree

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.7.7 (06 November 2018)

  • Fix importing from Excel
  • New postcard template
  • Select template from menu
  • Improve copying images
  • Updated MacOS icon
  • Custom templates can be placed in Documents folder

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.7.6 (09 October 2018)

  • Fix synchronizing
  • Fix generating wikipedia_2 report

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.7.5 (28 September 2018)

  • Add Bidding status
  • Improve Status field view in Information panel
  • Add progress chart for Created date field
  • Fix saving HTML report
  • Add RichText format for text fields
  • Fix Import from Excel dialog
  • Minor speedup for new created collections
  • Update Russian auctions

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.7.4 (17 September 2018)

  • Fix importing date fields from Excel
  • Add support for BC years

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.7.3 (16 May 2018)

  • Fix page navigation in Edit dialog

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.7.2 (04 May 2018)

  • Add GeoChart to statistics
  • Disabling statuses in settings
  • New coin status: Missing
  • Added Latvian
  • Fix export to Excel on MacOS
  • Fix processing wrong password
  • Minor improvements and optimisations

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.7.1 (06 March 2018)

  • Clickable links in text fields
  • Colored Status icons
  • Autobackup
  • Fix scrolling after editing
  • BLAF colors for Statistics charts (30 color palette)
  • Improve detaching reference
  • Fix backup reference

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.7.0 (19 February 2018)

  • New fields: Engravers, Colors, Format, Condition, Variety image and description (disabled by default)
  • Added quick search
  • Settings for change image height in Table of coins
  • Settings for showing Image panel at bottom
  • Settings for default count of images in panel
  • Refactored Settings dialog. Some settings moved to collection (please, check your settings)
  • Store Statistics multicolor settings
  • Enable editing cross reference when not selected main field
  • Speedup saving records
  • Fix filter menu without coins

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.6.9 (31 January 2018)

  • Reference editor show fields names from settings
  • Statistics support value+unit and material+fineness fields
  • Paste reference icon from clipboard in reference editor (by right-click)
  • Statistics can show multicolor charts
  • Added progress dialog for building stacked bar
  • Improved Statistics tooltips
  • Fixed saving Statistics diagram for PS and EPS
  • Fixed exporting to CSV
  • Reordered price fields in Edit dialog
  • Improved Save as dialogs

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.6.8 (22 January 2018)

  • Add tooltip to Statistics figures
  • Save Statistics chart

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.6.7 (15 January 2018)

  • Import from Excel
  • Import from uCoin.net Microsoft Excel (XLS) format
  • Improve Tree navigation for empty Value field
  • Improve storing main window state

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.6.6 (09 January 2018)

  • Fix sorting denomination in Tree
  • Fix filling reference from collection
  • Fix Summary dialog
  • Improve storing main window size
  • Improve importing from uCoin.net

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.6.5 (25 December 2017)

  • Improve sorting for alphabets with extra latin or cyrillic characters
  • Added new report templates
  • Market tab always enabled
  • Fix error msvcr100.dll missing
  • Fix Summary dialog
  • Fix license encoding
  • Fix importing from uCoin.net for Italian
  • Improve storing Report preview dialog size

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.6.4 (13 December 2017)

  • Fix loading settings on Debian
  • Fix Debian package
  • Fix paste from Excel/text file
  • Fix reference backup
  • Added Bulgarian

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.6.3 (12 December 2017)

  • Speedup exporting to mobile
  • Fixed possible damage reference

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.6.2 (04 December 2017)

  • Menu File->Synchronize... for merging two collection files
  • New settings for speedup collection database
  • New Summary dialog (Report->Summary)
  • Fixed editing cross-references when Country or Region field disabled
  • Fixed storing Statistics settings

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.6.1 (22 November 2017)

  • Fixed crash with applying filters
  • Fixed storing Statistics settings
  • Fixed debian package dependencies

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.6.0 (20 November 2017)

  • Implemented Statistics panel (screenshot)
  • Renaming images in Edit dialog (new name showed as tooltip in Image panel)
  • New fields: Ruler and Region (DB will be updated automatically - be patient)
  • Implemented attaching reference to a collection file
  • Improved using reference in Edit dialog
  • New flags in reference, fixed some countries (for get new reference remove current)
  • Icons from reference can be showed in Tree, Filters, Info panel and Table of coins
  • Improved edit Tree dialog
  • Added support for 1/3 values
  • Fixed cloning and closing lists
  • Fixed importing from UCoin.net
  • Fixed entering values greater 1000
  • Fixed wikipedia_2 report generation
  • New report template: Wanted
  • Added link to User manual

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.5.5 (09 October 2017)

  • New settings: convert 0.5 to ½
  • Fix filling reference from collection
  • Fix showing cross reference for first country
  • Fix translations
  • Fix crashing on exit under Linux
  • Change default settings for sending error reports and default report template

Quoi de nouveau dans OpenNumismat 1.5.4 (28 Septembre 2017)

  • Added exchanging images in Edit coin dialogue (by right-click)
  • Don't change collection file when nothing changed (useful for Dropbox, etc)
  • Ajout de l'importation depuis Tellico
  • Added Catalan, Dutch translations. Update Greek, Ukrainian translations
  • Added settings for protect extra warnings on save
  • Fix error report
  • Fix pasting in numeric fields
  • Show collection name when entering password
  • Max image side len 0 for storing in original size
  • Enabled inserting *.ico as reference item icon
  • Improved getting boolean settings on MacOS
  • Other minor improvements

Quoi de nouveau dans OpenNumismat 1.5.3 (19 Février 2016)

  • Fix loosing cursor when inserting records
  • Add coins from another collection
  • Fix filtering with Status column
  • Add Rename field button into Settings
  • Fix float numeric fields for some Romance languages
  • Improve setting values for Mintage field
  • Fix pasting image from web
  • Fix clearing Date fields
  • Added French translations (by Mathieu Martineau, Jean-Claude Kursner)
  • Added option for compressing images on export to mobile
  • Update Clear filters icon
  • Updated additional libraries and dependencies

Quoi de nouveau dans OpenNumismat 1.5.2 (06 Février 2015)

  • Correction du plantage avec le langage Polonais
  • Correction de la mémorisation de l'état pleine écran de la fenêtre

Quoi de nouveau dans OpenNumismat 1.5.1 (02 Février 2015)

  • Plantage corrigé avec la sauvegarder de l'ordre de classement
  • Ajout de l'importation depuis uCoin.net
  • Correction de l'importation depuis CoinManage
  • Ajout du filtre des valeurs vides dans l'arborescence
  • Amélioration de la boîte de dialogue de modification d'arborescence.
  • Correction de la navigation avec une large arborescence (> 1000)
  • Correction des champs date et tranche
  • Amélioration de la vitesse de suppression des pièces de monnaie.
  • I18n

Quoi de nouveau dans OpenNumismat 1.5 (19 Décembre 2014)

  • Mise à jour de PyQt à 5.3.2 et Python à 3.4.2
  • Implémentation de la boîte de recherche dans la boîte de dialogue des filtres de colonne.
  • Exportation vers mobile
  • Nouvelles options pour classer les éléments dans l'arborescence du panneau de gauche et dans la boîte de dialogue des filtres de colonne.
  • Amélioration de l'éditeur de référence, possibilité d'ajouter des icônes à une période.
  • Amélioration du panneau du menu principal
  • Nouvelles options lors de l'installation : vérification des mises à jour et association des fichiers *.db
  • Ajout de la traduction italienne (par Teroknor)
  • Ajout de la traduction polonaise (par Nazzy)

Quoi de nouveau dans OpenNumismat 1.4.9 (9 Septembre 2014)

  • Ajout de la traduction tchèque (par fri)
  • Correction du paquet debian pour Ubuntu 14.04
  • Correction du traitement du champ de commission

Quoi de nouveau dans OpenNumismat 1.4.8 (6 Août 2014)

  • Ajout de la traduction allemande (par Detlev Vogel)
  • Ajout de la traduction grecque (par geogeo)
  • Ajout d'un nouveau statut pour la pièce de monnaie - Commandé

Quoi de nouveau dans OpenNumismat 1.4.7 (11 Mars 2014)

  • Ajout de la traduction portugaise (par Pedro Albuquerque)
  • Correction des problèmes reportés par les usagers

Quoi de nouveau dans OpenNumismat 1.4.6 (10 Janvier 2014)

  • Correction des problèmes reportés par les usagers

Quoi de nouveau dans OpenNumismat 1.4.5 (6 Juin 2013)

  • Ajout du gabarit de rapport Custom_1
  • Implémentation de l'importation depuis Numizmatik_Ru
  • Mise à jour d'importation de Cabinet vers la version
  • Implémentation de l'ajout d'un icône marqueur en référence aux éléments (clique-droit sur l'élément dans la boîte de dialogue d'édition de référence)
  • Correction de la réinitialisation du champ de date dans la boîte de dialogue d'édition
  • Enregistre le classement des colonnes (peut être activé dans la boîte de dialogue de configuration)
  • Amélioration des filtres et du classement
  • Amélioration de la structure de la base de données pour une vitesse accrue
  • Ajout de la mémorisation du nombre activé de case à cocher dans la page de la vue d'image
  • Correction du format gratuit dans la champ de prix. Correction du calcul de la commission dans la section vente
  • Ajout de la taille de stockage de l'éditeur de référence, de l'aperçu de rapport, de la boîte de dialogue de configuration
  • Paramètre de configuration de la longueur du côté de l'image déplacé de la collection vers la configuration globale
  • Improved TreeView scrolling

Quoi de nouveau dans OpenNumismat 1.4.4 (2 Avril 2013)

  • Ajout de la traduction hongroise (par Zalán Csúszó)
  • Correction des problèmes dans l'éditeur de références
  • Affiche l'icône marqueur du pays dans la référence croisé de l'éditeur de zone de liste déroulante
  • Ajout de la commandeAide -> Vérifier les mises à jour dans le menu
  • Mises à jour mineur pour les gabarits Numismaster

Quoi de nouveau dans OpenNumismat 1.4.3 (5 Mars 2013)

  • Mise à jour de l’icône d'application
  • Ajout de la traduction ukrainienne (par Alex Shilyaev)
  • Ajout de la traduction espagnole (par Carlos Rosi)
  • Ajout de l'activation d'un indicateur de tri dans les références
  • Correction du triage dans la gabarit cbr
  • Importation depuis CoinCollector, commande disponible seulement pour Windows
  • Correction du code pour la version MacOS

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