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History of changes OpenNumismat

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.5 (19 December 2014)

  • Updated PyQt to 5.3.2 and Python to 3.4.2
  • Implemented Search box in column filter dialog
  • Export to mobile
  • New options for sorting items in left-side tree panel and in column filter dialog
  • Improved reference editor, possible for adding icons to period
  • Improved main menu panel
  • New options on installation: enable check updates and associate *.db files
  • Added Italian translations (by Teroknor)
  • Added Polish translations (by Nazzy)

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.4.9 (9 September 2014)

  • Added Czech translations (by fri)
  • Fixed debian package for Ubuntu 14.04
  • Fixed commission field processing

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.4.8 (6 August 2014)

  • Added German translations (by Detlev Vogel)
  • Added Greek translations (by geogeo)
  • Added new status for coins - Ordered

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.4.7 (11 March 2014)

  • Added Portuguese translations (by Pedro Albuquerque)
  • Fixed bugs reported by users

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.4.6 (10 January 2014)

  • Fixed bugs reported by users

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.4.5 (6 June 2013)

  • Added Custom_1 report template
  • Implemented importing from Numizmatik_Ru
  • Updated importing from Cabinet to version
  • Implemented adding custom flag icons to reference items (right-click on item in reference editor dialog)
  • Fixed clearing date fields in edit dialog
  • Store column sorting (can be enabled in Settings dialog)
  • Improved filtering and sorting
  • Improved DB structure for speed up
  • Added remembering count of selected checkboxes on image view page
  • Fixed free format in price fields. Fixed calculating commission in sale part
  • Added storing size of reference editor, report preview, settings dialogs
  • Moved image side length configuration parameter from collection to global settings
  • Improved TreeView? scrolling

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.4.4 (2 April 2013)

  • Added Hungarian translations (by Zalán Csúszó)
  • Fixed bugs in references editor
  • Show country flag icon in cross-reference editor combo box
  • Added Help -> Check for updates menu command
  • Minor updates for Numismaster template

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.4.3 (5 March 2013)

  • Updated application icon
  • Added Ukranian translations (by Alex Shilyaev)
  • Updated Spanish translations (by Carlos Rosi)
  • Added enable sorting flag in references
  • Fixed sorting in cbr template
  • Importing from CoinCollector command available only on Windows
  • Fixed code for running on MacOS

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.4.2 (15 February 2013)

  • Debian package for Linux is available
  • Added Clear all filter command to menu and toolbox
  • Added Numismater report template
  • Fixed showing long lines in some fields on Edit coin dialog
  • Fixed bug when setting password
  • Moved export buttons to left of toolbar in Preview report dialog
  • Fixed detecting application resources path
  • Updated creating default folders and files (default reference and demo.db) if missing

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.4.1 (31 January 2013)

  • Fixed critical bug with opening application when registry is clear ( issue 12 ).

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.4 (31 January 2013)

  • Implemented generation reports (based on templates Jinja2)
  • Implemented export customized list (Report> Save current list...)
  • Added the ability to enter any data in numerical fields (enable Free format numeric fields in the Settings dialog) ( issue 6 ,  issue 10 )
  • Fixed automatic update check (with frequent application startup check is not performed)
  • Added Vacuum command (menu Collection) that frees up the disk space reserved DB engines
  • Changed the default file name when saving images of coins to a file
  • Fixed a possible error opening the file specified in the URL field
  • Fixed a possible error when creating a new collection
  • Updated the application menu - added some commonly used items

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.3.1 (05 December 2012)

  • Fixed saving width of table columns.
  • Added a button for opening URL (section Classification) and insert a link to a file on disk.
  • Fixed the choice of the value of dialogue reference when editing the coin.
  • Fixed formatting of collection description and coins text fields (Design, Subject, etc).
  • The collection file can be passed as command line argument.
  • Fixed possible bug when editing negative commissions ( issue 9 ).
  • Added delete temporary files created when opening images.
  • Other minor changes.

What's new in OpenNumismat 1.3 (23 November 2012)

  • Refactored format of database to improve performance (converting existing collection files happens automatically when you open them in a new version of OpenNumismat).
  • Added new fields: Quantity, URL, Barcode.
  • Added automatic check for updates (switched in the Settings dialog).
  • Implemented import from Collection Studio 3.65. To import, you must first export the existing collection to a format XML Table using the menu Collection Studio: Tools> Export....
  • Added the ability to protect data on the collection with password (Note: data encryption is not carried out, so the password protection can not be considered complete.) Setting a password is in the menu Collection> Set password....
  • Improved import from CoinManage:
    • support for new fields Quantity and Barcode;
    • addition to the coins from the collection of images related to the descriptions (variety list);
    • import prices.
  • Added button Revert to default in the Settings dialog to restore the names of all the coin fields to its original values.
  • Fixed calculation of negative commissions for editing information on the purchase/sale of the coins.
  • Fixed detection of the current language in the Settings dialog.
  • Fixed filling references, depending on the country of data collection.
  • Esc key in the edit coin dialog closes dialog.
  • Double click on the lists tab bar create a new list.
  • Added displaying a progress bar when removing coins.
  • Improved English translation.
  • Improved look of the Settings dialog.

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