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OpenNumismat is a handy and reliable application aimed at coin collectors, numismatists or amateurs looking to create a numismatics collection.

With OpenNumismat, you will be able to organize and manage coin collection: create an advanced catalogue of your coins, wish and selling lists, view statistics for your collection.


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Main features

  • More than 80 customizable fields to describe the coin:
    • Features
    • State of a coin
    • Emission details
    • Buy, sell, pass on auction information
    • Prices and catalog numbers
    • Address and point on the map
  • Up to 11 photos of a coin (insert image from file, clipboard, download from the Web at URL)
  • The grouping, filters and sorting to facilitate the retrieval of coins in the catalog
  • Generate and print reports, saving as HTML, PDF, MS Word
  • Export customized lists as MS Excel, HTML and CSV
  • Duplication of coins to quickly add a similar coin
  • Batch edit coins
  • Built-in Image Editor
  • Webcam support for taking a photo or scan a barcode (for better results try Camo)
  • Statistics
  • Search by image
  • Ability to add and customize the lists to display the required data
  • Search and import coin, banknote, stamp info from Colnect, an online collectors community
  • Search and import coin, medal info from ANS collections database
  • Importing existing collections from:
  • Support languages: English, Russian, German, French, Ukrainian, Spanish, Hungarian, Portuguese, Greek, Czech, Italian, Catalan, Dutch, Bulgarian, Latvian, Swedish, Persian
  • Cross-platform: Windows, Linux, macOS and Android. OpenNumismat Mobile for any browser, including mobile (iPhone, Android)
  • Does not require additional software to work with a database
  • Detailed user manual
  • Suitable for other collectibles, like stamps, banknotes, postcards, badges, scale models. And also for organize home inventory


Newest version with freshly third-party library dependencies

The latest version:
OpenNumismat 1.9.8
. Release date:
20 May 2024

Windows 10 and later



Nuitka installer (experimental optimized version)

Nuitka portable (experimental optimized version)

macOS 11 and later


- for Debian/Ubuntu

- Flatpak package

Version for old systems

The latest version:
OpenNumismat 1.8.22
. Release date:
10 May 2023


for Windows 8.1 x86_64 and later

- for Windows XP x86 and later

- .zip (portable)


for macOS 10.13 and later (version with freshly third-party library dependencies)

for OS X 10.8 and later (without Statistics)


- for Debian/Ubuntu


Latest Development Build and Older Releases...

Source code

History of changes

What's new in
OpenNumismat 1.9.8
20 May 2024

  • Refactor building Tree
  • Fix memory leaks
  • Save record image after editing via Image panel
  • Raise Main window before opening latest collection
  • Fix macOS package
  • Fix showing current zoom in Image editor
  • Image always can be zoomed out less than 100% in Image editor
  • Improve disabling actions in crop/rotate mode in Image editor
  • Fix closing crop/rotate dialog via Image editor dialog close button
  • Fix showing Summary when Quantity filed contain text value
  • Fix detecting default calendar in Year calculator
  • Clear import cache on uninstall

What's new in
OpenNumismat 1.9.7
28 March 2024

  • Added navigation through photos and records into Image editor
  • Image editor can take a photo from webcam (for better results try Camo)
  • Added barcode scanner from webcam. Fill grade, grader and URL from NGC/PCGS scanned barcode
  • Fixed saving image after editing from Image panel
  • Added keyboard shortcuts for move coins (Alt + Up/Down)
  • Fixed default Status translations in non-English languages
  • Added Tools menu with link to YearCalculator and References generator
  • New template 'labels'
  • Added opening ASG barcode link
  • Nuitka build available (may be faster)

What's new in
OpenNumismat 1.9.6
18 January 2024

  • Added tool for searching coins by similar photo (more info at SimilarImageFinder)
  • Improved sorting BC ranges in Year field
  • Changed Duplicate and Replacement Status icons
  • Color the coin frame with Status color in Card and Icon view
  • Fixed showing Status icon in Tree
  • Added settings for image transparent color replacement
  • Fixed resizing Customize Tree dialog
  • Don't suggest saving image as .gif (Qt not support saving as .gif)
  • Fixed importing from CoinManage on non Windows platforms
  • Improved storing latest image folder
  • Improved selecting saving image format
  • Fixed saving GeoChart
  • Many improvements in built-in Image Editor
    • Circle crop with antialiasing
    • Improved perspective transformation algorithm
    • Improved auto detecting borders algorithm in crop tool
    • Set undo depth to 10 actions
    • Remove alpha when saving or copying after transformation
    • Setting for background color
    • Added gray mask for cropping tool
    • Added cut left-, right-half actions
    • Improved zoom steps
    • Added zoom spin on toolbar
    • Zoom in/out by mouse dbl click
    • Zooming by middle mouse button press
    • Improved keyboard shortcuts
    • Mark window title when image changed
    • Enable drag-n-drop image to window
    • Use field name as image name
    • Protect from croping unconvex rectangle
Project development plans

How can I help?

  • Use OpenNumismat and recommend it to your friends.
  • Report a founded errors and new features that will make OpenNumismat better.
  • Translate OpenNumismat and documentation to your own language with Transifex (please start with lang.ts file).
  • If you own the exclusive rights to the catalogues, photographs or other numismatic content that can be included in the application data, please, contact the author.
  • With any questions and suggestions you can contact the author: opennumismat@gmail.com

If you want to thank the author - just send a postcard with typical views of your city or country to:

Ignatov Vitaly Ilich
Saint Petersburg, RUSSIA
Novocherkassky, 9, 47


OpenNumismat is a:

OpenNumismat based on PySide6 module with SQLite database engine to store data collection.

Icons used in UI based on LED Icon Set v1.0, Soft Scraps Icons by deleket and Flag and Silk icons.

All images and descriptions of coins in demo collections from the Official website of the European Commission, The Central Bank of the Russian Federation website, United States Mint's public information Website and Wikipedia.